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Returning Home Poster

Returning Home


During this unprecedented moment in history perhaps it’s a good time to reflect on what “home” truly means.


In Returning Home, with stay at home orders in place, we take time to reflect on experiences in nature while connecting to a deeper understanding of the planet we call home.

Same God


In 2015, a black, female professor at a prominent Christian college wore a hijab and said that Christians and Muslims worship the Same God. The firestorm that followed exposed the rifts among evangelicals over race, Islam, religious freedom and politics.

Same God Poster
Glass Poster



Childhood friends Kyle and Andy have a plan to move from Kansas City to Hawaii and are willing to do anything to get there. Glass tells the story of two misfits who get caught up in a moment that alters their lives. Redemption can be their’s, if they can use their entrepreneurial spirit in legitimate business and harness the energy of an island to create art that is inspired by their surroundings.

When Harry Tries to Marry

producer / second unit director 

A crowd-pleasing and award-winning romantic comedy about a charming young guy who actually wants to get married.

When Harry Tries to Marry Poster
Bhushan Thakkar


I'M Bhushan. 

I'm a creative producer, storyteller, cinematographer, photographer and editor with a background in commercial advertising, television, and films. 

Through my company 20EVO, I help brands tell their story, so they stand out in a sea of competitors and connect with potential customers who want what they have to offer.

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