Sunset taken in Laguna Beach, California taken Photo by Bhushan Thakkar
Bhushan Thakkar speaking at Coast Film Festival after his film Returning home screened

Bhushan Thakkar

Producer - Director - Cinematographer - Photographer - Editor






A Bit About Me

I'm a photographer and filmmaker who has spent the last 20 years in production. 


I've traveled all over the world to create content for brands and films, spanning from Brazil to India and back again. 


My love of visual art and storytelling led me early on in my career to filmmaking, where I have produced, directed, shot for mediums such as commercial corporate work (both national/global), nature-based content, as well as films for international audiences.

I'm often struck by each region’s natural beauty, so much so that I'll often book extra time to experience and document these regions.

Currently located in Southern California, I'm originally from Queens, NY. In my spare time you can find me spending time with my wife and son, in the ocean, hiking, camping, staring at a sunset, or on my Harley, always with camera.

Work Experience

May 2019 - present
20EVO - Principal 


NewAge Beverage
Cedar City Events

  • Write script, develop story board and produce explainer animations for NewAge beverages 

  • Produce and execute photo shoots across the globe to support Amway's re-brand of XS Sports Nutrition

  • Produce, Write, Direct, Shoot, Edit award winning short film Returning Home with support from Vaude, Abus, Cedar City Events

  • Write script, develop story board, produce and direct video advertising for XS Ginger+ 

  • Produce and execute photoshoot to support the launch of XS Mojito

  • Conceive, shoot, edit, with Amway trainers to support the re-launch of XS Sports Nutrition, be on screen talent to conducting  interviews 

  • Shoot product, sports & lifestyle photography for XS and Amway to support, printed catalogs and all digital touchpoints 

  • Direct, Shoot, Edit launch video for crankbrothers synthesis carbon wheel

  • Shoot and edit product tech videos for crankbrothers to support all products

  • Shoot and edit video tutorials for Porsche mountain and street electric bikes

  • Shoot and edit video campaign to launch crankbrothers mountain bike shoes

  • Creation of mediation videos for Awaken OM

June 2000 - May 2019
DreamLine Pictures - Principal


Easter Seals
No Kid Hungry
108 Pics
Trone Brand Energy


  • Produce, and shoot photos to support advertising campaign encouraging North Carolina residents to use the rail system

  • Create videos and photography for No Kid Hungry's Chef's Cycle 

  • Create brand and educational videos to launch Craft Central in North Carolina

  • Produce, shoot, all video production for BWW training system 

  • Conceive and produced Aspire and Profiles DVD series selling hundreds of thousands of units

  • Oversaw the launch of VOD training platform with over 10k monthly subscribers at $10 per month, produced videos to be posted to the platform daily

  • Create promotional videos to support launch of XS Gold energy drink

  • Produce and shoot photography from launch to date supporting @XSNation on social media channels

  • Storyboard, produce, and direct all video to support Amway's launch of Sports Nutrition products

  • Write, Direct and shoot video and photo campaign for XS Rhodiola, XS Green Apple, XS Kumquat Blast, XS Dragon Fruit

  • Write, produce, and direct videos for Amway's new phone app Switch Share Duplicate

  • Shoot video and photo to support Easter Seals awareness and fund raising efforts 

  • Produce and second unit direct feature film When Harry Tries to Marry

  • Shoot segment for feature length documentary Same God

  • Director of Photography for Caipira documentary 

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Bhushan Thakkar and team standing under the stars after filming all day